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What are the Boosters up to?

These posts keep you informed about what the openSUSE Boosters team is up to. The openSUSE Boosters are a team of dedicated people helping contributors to the openSUSE project to takeoff. The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. It creates one of the world’s best Linux distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the global Free and Open Source Software community. The team consists of 13 people (BTW: widely known as the thirsty thirteen) with skills ranging from low level C hackery over Ruby on Rails mastering to Graphical Design or Project Management. The team picks milestones and works on them in an agile fashion. You can learn more about the Boosters and what they do on their team page in the openSUSE wiki.


Long time no see! The last update on lizards is now over 2 months old and a lot of stuff happened. The Boosters have finished two Milestones: The build service project overview and the integration of web-apps with a common theme. Both results are awesome and enable people to be more productive. The build service project overview helps project maintainers, like Coolo for openSUSE:Factory, to keep up to date on what happens in their project. The overview includes things like packages that are not building, packages with a diff to the devel project and packages with a pending request. You know what’s the best part of this? To make the build service project overview possible we have put a lot of general work into the OBS webclient. So much that the webclient changes will be a big part of the upcoming OBS 2.0 release. The other Milestone we finished is the integration of our web-apps with a common theme: bento. Once we deployed bento to our apps everybody can navigate the opensuse web with a nice, task oriented design and find information where one expects them.


The LinuxTag 2010 programm is final and online. We have 6 talks accepted ranging from packaging to kernel hacking. Most of them on Saturday which is traditionally the strongest day.

We also got accepted as project for a booth and are currently working on the booth setup and program. Stay tuned for more news to come around this topic. Other events that we boosted are the Tokamak4 plasma hacking sprint Will successfully organized in our office. Vincent went to a GNOME Usability and a GSettings Hackfest. He also covered Solutions Linux 2010. Pavol, Michal and Petr went to the Chemnitz Linux Days 2010, and LinuxExpo. Klaas to openExpo in Switzerland and a KDE Finance sprint in Frankfurt. Oh and Google Summer of Code sadly didn’t work out this year, maybe next time. As you can see we were busy event bees!


We are currently trying to reach 3 Milestones. The Squad that is trying to create Discoverable Centralised Developer Documentation is progressing nicely. They fixed a lot of issues with mediawiki and Bento for the new wiki instance, transfered and re-worked the general wiki documentation so that people can help with the general transition and they also moved content like the Build Service pages and started with the Packaging side of things. The general focus is still on groundwork. The squad wants to transfer all the developer documentation as an example on how a topic in the new wiki should look and feel like. The next steps will be finishing that off and then to help with the attraction of contributors to the general transition.

Another squad is working on improving openFATE, especially to make it really usable for the screening team. In the end they want to have a new role of screener in the feature workflow. The role can change the status and reassign features between products. The first sprints where spend on educating themselves about the architecture of FATE and the structure of the web-app. The squad then worked on the proxy which is by now already passing changes through to the keeper. The next steps include changes to the web-app and hermes for reporting. During the course of these sprints discussions about introducing more roles and new features happened so the Milestone probably will get more Goals in the future.

The third squad is currently in transition away from the Bento/Umbrella milestone. The development of the theme for the Build Service, the Download Portal and the Wiki are done. They are currently working on a wrap-up post that will show you all the cool stuff. The remaining tasks of deploying all the services, and helping to create themes for openFATE, the Forums and our WordPress instances are new Milestones. Which Milestone this squad does next is not decided yet.

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